Our Story


Nowcom begins operating as an ISP


DealerCenter initial release to market


Nowcom releases Dealer Desktop DMS


Nowcom hits 4,000 producing dealers


DealerCenter DMS is launched and reached 10K producing dealer


Nowcom starts Nowcom Global Services in the Philippines


LA Business Journal recognizes Nowcom in the top 100 fastest growing companies


Nowcom launches DealerCenter DMS 2.0


Nowcom launches Carzing


Nowcom starts Nowcom Global Services in India


LA Business Journal recognizes Nowcom 2nd time in the top 100 fastest growing companies


Nowcom crosses 15,000 producing dealers.

About Us

Nowcom is a technology company, developing technology solutions for the automotive and financial services verticals. Nowcom is one of seven companies within The Hankey Group ($19.7 billion in assets) , based in Los Angeles, CA. The Hankey Group enables Nowcom to produce industry-leading technology, ranging from its flagship product DealerCenter (Dealer Management System) to developing the first of its kind, fully automated finance decision engine to sites like Carzing.com. Nowcom has the resources and the right people to bring relevant technology solutions to life that enable our customers to scale and thrive beyond expectations.

Incorporated: 1996

Head Quarters: Los Angeles, CA

Employees: Over 1000+

Our Mission

Nowcom’s mission is to provide innovative technology and business solutions to our clients so they can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage within their market.

Our Core Values


Integrity and honesty are at the core of our business.

We work to be a responsible partner to those who place their trust in us, conducting business in a way that is inclusive, transparent, and respectful.

Because we “do what we say and say what we do”, we have gained the trust of all our partners, employees and customers.

Our employees will conduct themselves ethically with professionalism, trustworthiness and sincerity.


We value and consider each employee an essential asset and embrace diversity, collaboration and teamwork.

We treat people with dignity and respect and help them grow personally and professionally.

We believe in always learning and challenging the status quo without disrespecting the values and opinions of individuals or groups.

We believe in having fun in what we do and are proud of our corporate community.


We are always striving to provide innovative industry-leading solutions and putting them into practice successfully.

We believe in being agile and moving quickly and decisively to meet our clients’ needs with a sense of urgency.

We are passionate about achieving the highest standard of quality in all our products and services we offer.

We maintain an intense focus and dedication on meeting customer needs.

Leadership Team

Don Hankey


[email protected]

323 • 692 • 8888

Bret Hankey

President of Hankey Group

[email protected]

323 • 692 • 4053

Vimal Nair

Chief Technology Officer

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6555

Matt Mee-Lee

COO & General Counsel

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6944

Ricky Li

Sr. VP of Software Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6880

Jesse Martin

Sr. VP of Sales

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6806

Vaibhav Deshpande

VP of Software Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6379

Andrew Gunawan

VP Infrastracture

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6052

Don Borgmeyer

VP of Product Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6459

Brian Ward

VP of Dealer Operations

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6506

Barry Lane

VP of Business Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6087

David Lee

VP of Data Engineering

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6048

Glen Suares

AVP of Software Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6035

Rahul Sonthalia

AVP of Software Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6905

Arjun Jobanputra

AVP of Software Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6595

Alex Resurreccion

AVP of Sales

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6168

Simon Cho

Director of Developer Operations

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6595

Phani Tammineni

Director of Software Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6479

Wayne Wong

Director of Software Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6027

Ricky Ma

Director of Software Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6146

Sonal Mandelecha

Director of Software Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6064

Aditya Bannaravuri

Director of Project Management

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6122

Florence Aquino

Director of QA

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6183

Kyle Menger

Director of Operations

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6207

Joanne Oh

Director of Database Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6802

Karthik Kumar

Director of Database Development

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6654

Priyanka Deshmukh

Associate Director of QA

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6246

Bashar Shaba

Information Security Manager

[email protected]

323 • 746 • 6138

Nowcom recognized as one of the 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2019

The 2019 Awards Reception was held at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills where the selected Companies gathered to learn their actual ranking in the Top 100. This is the 2nd time Nowcom has been recognized in this category as Nowcom posted phenomenal growth in both revenue and profits.

– The Los Angeles Business Journal