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Everyone embellishes the truth, especially when applying for a loan. Our qualified loan verification specialists confirm every piece of information on a loan application, including calling employers and verifying proof of insurance.

Data Entry Services

Data Entry is a big challenge for most large organizations who don’t want to or are simply unable to dedicate an entire department to the practice, so let our team handle it for you. Highly skilled workers input your data flawlessly, every time.

50% of our inbound goes straight from DealerTrack to Origination Credit Analysts. The Nowcom Global Services team provides quick and competent service to our data entry process. They identify errors and omissions, correct them, and report findings daily.

– Maria Ventura
Acquisitions Service Manager, Westlake Financial Services

Customer Services

Maintaining strong relationships with your customers is more important today than ever. Be sure you place those relationships in the right hands.

Welcome Services

Bringing new customers into the fold of your organization is an important part of the customer experience. You want the people who contact your new customers to be friendly, polite, and helpful. Let our staff welcome your customers to you in the best possible way, with a smile.

DealerCenter Client Care Services


Our Client Care Specialists are your customer’s best friends. Our team can quickly learn about any new products you’re offering and reach out to all of your customers to share the information with them and even sign them up for new products and programs without busying your existing sales staff.

Nowcom Global Services is an important part of Westlake Customer service. The Agents not only assist Customers with making payments and answering questions about their loans, but they also assist with due date changes, extensions and refunds. The quality of service has been outstanding and the Agents have been meeting and exceeding the Westlake Financial performance targets for the Customer Service Department.

– Marcus Juniel
Director of Customer Service, Westlake Financial Services


When your customers have outstanding debt, it’s never an easy conversation to have. Coupled with the increasing difficulty of higher regulatory requirements, many companies are finding it difficult to keep their default rates low. Let our trained loan servicing agents take care of that for you.

Call Quality Auditing

Ensuring that your call center agents are not only remaining in compliance with your organization’s policies but also sticking to all the compliance regulations is a difficult task. Allow our auditing staff to take care of that for you, sending you daily reports on the scores of your agents.

Legal Compliance

Departmental Procedures

Call and Screen Capture Monitoring