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Loan Origination Applications

Whether you’re a direct or indirect lender, from refinance to title loans, Nowcom can provide an all in one solution for you.



Managing incoming deals from thousands of dealerships is no easy task when working in the indirect lending world. Nowcom’s Underwriting system handles everything from stip viewing, customer interviews, all the way through the buying process, transferring the deal seamlessly between teams as soon as it’s ready for the next stage.



Genesis builds on Nowcom’s Underwriting platform to work with refinance loans and direct lending. All of the features that you would expect from a world class underwriting system, setup exclusively for direct lending and refinance.



Polar takes Nowcom’s Underwriting platform and gears it towards title loans. Incorporating all of the modules that made Underwriting a success, Polar will handle all of your title loan origination needs.

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CRM Application


Maintaining a database of all your existing clients is a necessity. Integrating that with all of your new leads, on top of giving you the ability to reassign clients to new sales reps and run reports on both customers and sales reps? That’s game changing.

“Westlake contracted Nowcom to build a New Underwriting system in 2011 because our old system could not handle our volume and did not have the functionality needed in such a dynamic setting. Our new system has the ability to sustain our growth for the next 10 years and has helped us break record originations months in 2014 and 2015. We could not have purchased the amount of deals we have over the past few years without the new system.”

– William Hubbell

Loan Servicing Application


Nowcom’s loan servicing application can track your entire customer database, allowing you to queue up collection services each morning for each of your predictive dialer groups. Change due dates, track payments, keep tabs on your agents and more, all from one application.